Why would I choose an insulated garage door?

An insulated door is going to decrease the heat loss from the garage. Insulation is going to add strength to the door, and it can also decrease the amount of noise the door makes while in operation.

Which is preferred: hot dip galvanized or electrostatic galvanized?

A hot dip galvanized door means the steel is "dipped" into the galvanizing solution for a complete coverage. Electrostatic is a process where the door is charged, and then the galvanizing solution is sprayed on and it sticks to the door - like static cling. A hot dip galvanized door would have more galvanizing solution applied to the steel.

Does it matter if a garage door has one spring or two springs?

A two-spring system will pull the door more evenly as it opens and closes. It is also safer when the spring breaks because you still have another spring helping hold the weight of the door. When a one-spring door breaks, it can come crashing down to the floor, damaging the door and anything that might be underneath the door.

Do I need to paint my garage door after it has been installed?

It depends on the door you purchase. Some doors come pre-finished in a variety of colors and do not need further painting. Other doors may need to be painted. Check with the manufacturer of the door before purchasing.

What is the advantage to buying a garage door from an authorized dealer?

An authorized dealer means that the company has a relationship or partnership with the manufacturer. The manufacturer has determined that the authorized dealer meets all of their customer service and professional installation requirements.

Does it matter what spring is used when I need one replaced?

Yes, the springs on your garage door are made for the overall weight of the door. The springs that go back on the door must be able to lift the weight of the door. The springs are calculated to open and close the door a certain amount of times - "10,000 cycles." If the wrong springs are put on the door, it may lift the door, but decrease the cycles down to 5,000. This would mean they would probably only last half as long as the originals.

What type of maintenance should I be doing to my garage door?

Door and hardware should be lubricated about 4 times a year. A garage door service technician should lubricate door and hardware, balance spring tension, check for worn cables and rollers, and inspect electric opener functions.

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